Your Short UX Career Reading List for 2022 

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready, right? 👵 Check out this short but exhaustive reading list of our most popular articles to optimize your career prospects:

1. Get the resume out of the way

UX Designer Resumes Hiring Managers Will Love ↗

A lady looking at a cimputer screen with text saying "How to Create Great UX Designer Reusmes"

There might be hundreds of resumé writing guides out there, but this remains popular because it was written specifically for UXers. Your resumé is ready? Then check it for the ‘Common mistakes in UX/UI resumes’ to make sure it’s on point.

2. Get inspired for your portfolio

35 Impressive UX Portfolio Examples ↗

A lady sitting a table looking at her phone with text saying "35 Impressive UX Portfolio Examples"

Everyone’s favorite: examples. ✨ This article showcases beautiful UXfolio examples alongside portfolios made on different platforms. If you need a sprinkle of motivation, give it a scroll!

3. Start building your portfolio

The Ultimate UX Portfolio Template to Get You Hired ↗

A lady sitting on a sofa with a computer on her lap with text saying "The Ultimate UX Portfolio Teamplate"

David, our CEO – who’s also the leader of an international UX design agency – gives a rundown on the ideal structure of a UX portfolio. From your home page to your case studies, you get a useful tidbit for every little detail.

4. Nail the interview

42 Common UX Designer Interview Questions ↗

A lady working at a computer with text saying "Common UX designer interview questions"

If job interviews freak you out, preparing your answers ahead is the best thing you can do. In this article, you’ll find 42 questions in 7 clear-cut categories, for which you can rehearse your answers.

5. Presenting like a boss

How to Structure and Present Your UX Portfolio on a Job Interview ↗

A man working on a computer with text saying "How to present your UX portfolio"

You might be dreading it, but you know it’s coming. However, if you prepare, presenting your portfolio will be much easier. We’ve talked to design leads, HR managers, and fellow UX designers to bring you some practical tips so you can nail that portfolio presentation.

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