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Currently we are building a new feature for you in It will help you to build up your professional designer brand.

We will use the same social marketing methods I used when I founded UX studio and These methods will help you to build a personal designer brand for yourself, and make you well-known in your local design community.

And the best part: you won’t have to spend too much time with it.

The new tool will help you write posts quickly, with the best templates and the projects you already have in (of course you will be able to customize and edit everything as you wish).

Once you set it up, it will work instead of you, and provide a continuous presence for you on all the social platforms you connect. You won’t have to deal with social, our tool will do the work and you will just receive the praising remarks of your designer friends.

This new tool is not ready yet, but the thing that you clicked on this article will make us work even harder to deliver it to you.

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A typical mistake I see in UX portfolios is lack of content explaining their contribution to the effort, the images are only the final product and not the process to get there.

UX is very much about strategy and if the person is not showing how they got from A to B, they appear to be another UI trying to move into a UX role.

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